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  • Green Cardamon Pods
  • Washed & dried
  • Multiple health benefits
  • Sweet flavor & aroma
  • Flavorful in a variety of recipes

Made from the seeds of several different plants, Cardamom is native to India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bhutan. These pods are often used to provide a uniquely sweet taste in a variety of foods, but can also be used to flavor drinks. This unique tasting spice is known for its aromatic fragrance and one of a kind flavor. This sweet spice is closely related to ginger and is one of the most difficult and labor-intensive spices to grow. After the pods have been harvested, they are washed, dried, and left in the sun to strengthen the purity of the seeds within the pod. Each pod contains roughly 3 seeds, sometimes less. Whether you choose to use the pods or seeds as a whole or grind the seeds up to a fine powder, Cardamom is a delicious spice to add to any dish or drink while also providing a bunch of health benefits.  

Health Benefits:

  • Cholesterol control
  • Anti-depressant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Cardiovascular health boost
  • Treats urinary disorders
  • Fights dental diseases
  • Washed and dried cardamom pods.

Certified Kosher: K-ID NDM-XKGQ

Ok kosher Certification | ConnectAmericas

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