The World’s Most Famous Teas

What type of beverage do you reach for after waking on a beautiful summer morning like today? If you love refreshing your senses, it may be time to put down that cup of Joe and reignite the taste buds with a tasteful and popular tea. Tea is a 10 billion dollar industry, which is no wonder, because it is the second most popular beverage in the entire world after water, of course. So, what are the most popular teas throughout the world that you can buy online?

The 5 Most Popular Teas Throughout the World

#1 White Tea

White tea is truly extraordinary. With a delicate taste for an elegant tongue, white tea is definitely a tea that is perfect for a morning or afternoon brew. The tea leaves in white tea are a soft grey color and are dried when picked. They then wither, and oxidation of these beautiful leaves takes place. Once dried, the leaves are ready for brewing. Different types of the most popular white teas include Bai Mudan and Silver Needle. Lastly, white tea originated from China, but Yunnan and Nepal are other regions where white tea is drank daily.

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#2 Green Tea

Ahhhh, green tea. It’s one of the most common names everyone has heard. Although green tea takes more steps to process than white tea, the tea tends to be more full of color and brighter. Green tea is prepared by pan-fired and steaming after the wilting of the leaves has taken place, and doing so can produce a variety of green teas consumers love.

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To learn more about some of the world’s most famous teas, be sure you stay tuned for our next blog. In the meantime, it’s time to take a good look at our incredible white tea and green tea options. Shop with us now to buy tea online and enjoy FREE shipping when you spend $50 or more!

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