In an attempt to spread our gourmet spices and delicious loose leaf teas with the community, Spice Professors is always on the move. If you’re hoping to catch us while we’re out on the road, or visiting in a town near you, check the following list. We are constantly adding new locations to the list, so continue to check in and make sure that you stop by and visit. Between the months of October and January, you can find us located in Bryant Park. Stop in today and enjoy some of our delicious spices and teas!

2023 Fairs Schedule:

April 2 - Queens Blvd Between Yellowstone Blvd & 70rd.  (10am-6pm)

April 16 - (Brooklyn) Court St. Between President & Carroll St. (10am-6pm)

April 20 - (Manhattan) 40st. Between Madison & Park Ave. (10am-6pm)

April 23 - (Manhattan) 2nd Ave Between 9 & 10st. (10am-6pm)

April 23 - (Queens) Myrtle Ave Between Putnam & Cypress Ave (10am-6pm)

April 27 - (Manhattan) 52st. Between Lexington & 3rd Ave. (10am-6pm)

April 30 - (Manhattan) Columbus Ave Between 70 & 71st. (10am-6pm)

April 30 - (Queens) Steinway St. Between Broadway & 31st Ave. (10am-6pm)


Spice Professors Store: 69-30 Myrtle Ave 11385  

Sunday: 11am - 7pm  

Monday – Thursday : 10am - 6pm