The World’s Most Famous Teas Continued…

buy tea onlineTea is an amazing beverage that many consumers have come to love. So, what has your experience been like? Did you start off as a coffee lover who quickly experienced how amazing and beneficial a properly brewed green tea can be? If so, it’s time you learn more wonderful teas that the world has come to love. Recently, we provided readers with two teas that are the world’s most popular: White tea and green tea. Here are some more:

The 5 Most Popular Teas Throughout the World Continued…

#3 Oolong Tea

One of the more popular semi-oxidized teas available, oolong tea is a complex tea to produce. In comparison to green tea and white tea, oolong tea has a numerous amount of steps to produce with many different variations within each step. Because of this, you can expect oxidation levels in oolong tea to be as high as 85 percent (like black tea) or low as 10 percent (like green tea). The leaves of this incredible tea are most commonly balled or rolled up and may be steeped up to eight times with each steep releasing a variety of flavorful tastes full of dimension. This tea is usually full of creamy and naturally sweet flavors, but they differ from one oolong tea to the next. You can expect to experience a complex range of misty honey to sweet and milky creaminess with plenty of bold roasted flavors when you steep a oolong tea.

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